How to accept the #‎BernChallenge:

Step One: RECORD – Take a video of yourself doing the following:

1) ACCEPT: Accept the challenge. Say who you are, where you live and who challenged you to ‘Feel the Bern’

2) FEEL THE BERN: Eat a hot pepper, or a teaspoon of hot sauce, or do some strenuous exercise to show how you are willing to Feel the Bern!

3) EXPLAIN WHY: Say why you are willing to Feel the Bern

“because Bernie is the only candidate that’s standing up to corrupt Wall Street bankers”
“because Bernie is the only candidate that wants to guarantee healthcare to all Americans”
“because Bernie is the only candidate that wants to offer free a college education to all Americans”

Find more ideas here:

4) NOMINATE & PLEDGE: Nominate (at least) three of your friends to accept the challenge and pledge your support by donating at (please share the web address in your video)

Step Two: UPLOAD – Upload your video to social media
(IMPORTANT: make sure the post permissions on your video are set to PUBLIC!)

In your post:
-Include a quick blurb about why you support Bernie Sanders for President
-Tag the friends you have challenged
-Use the following hashtag in your post: #‎BernChallenge (Facebook) or @BernChallenge16 (Twitter)
-Use the following links in your post:,, and

Then, follow up with the friends you have challenged, and follow through on your pledge!